Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Alliance:

“The Big Bend Citizens Alliance is a community organization dedicated to addressing issues affecting the health, welfare and quality of life in the Big Bend area”.


The purpose of the Alliance is:

  1. To bring together persons with an active interest in addressing issues affecting the health, welfare, and quality of life
  2. To actively promote the preservation of health, welfare, and quality of life
  3. To actively discourage the destruction of the quality of life
  4. To maintain 501(c)3 non-profit status


The BBCA is a 501(c) 3 organization based in South Brewster County Texas; situated along the Mexican border and adjoining Big Bend National Park in West Texas.  This remote, sparsely populated, rural location has a very active volunteer community dedicated to improving life in the Big Bend area.  

BBCA manages through an elected Board of Directors and is staffed 100% by part-time volunteers.  Operationally it functions as an umbrella organization with active distinct committees tied to the community.  Each committee operates with an autonomous committee head or leader having limited spending authority.

Active BBCA committees include:


  • Terlingua Community Garden & Farmers Market
  • The Kids Klub
  • Terlingua Recycles
  • Terlingua Cares
  • Voices from Both Sides
  • Terlingua Visual Artists
  • Ghost Town Charities

Over the past five years both the number of committees has grown as well as activity levels of each committee due to expanding volunteer commitment to the community and the mission of the BBCA.